Sunday, July 22, 2018

God is Good. I am so proud of Him

God is good. Trust him. My spiritual higher self, of whom I am just a feeble latter incarnation have known Him for a very long time and He never changes. Irrespective of the various names you humans have chosen to call him with. He is always there for you. Mercy, Justice, Love, Loyalty... call on him under these qualities and he will always be there for you. I know. I can attest to that. He is my Boss. He is my friend. I am so proud of Him.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Sexual Function of the Orgone Energy

Restoring the Function of the Orgasm

The Sexual Function of the Orgone Energy

Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm, Orgone, Orgonomy, Orgone Energy Accumulators: If you don't know what I am talking about, you may stop here and take a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, or an entire lifetime if you like, to search, study and learn about them, otherwise, you may continue reading at your own peril.

After such a long time since Wilhelm Reich's death, back in the 50's it  seems you humans cannot figure out yet what his journey was all about. So let me try to explain it.  Hope I won't get in trouble with my Boss upstairs for doing so.

 When mankind was formed on earth, the atmospheric orgone energy level was much higher than now.  The normal orgone energy level in the human body was higher than the atmospheric level, and the minimum orgone energy level in the human body needed to sustain life was way lower than the atmospheric level. During sexual excitation the body orgone energy level would first raise sky high  and then drop fast, during the climax, to a level momentarily below the atmospheric level.  Then the energy flow would reverse itself and the level of orgone in the body would gently return to its normal level above the atmospheric level. A wholesome, flowing, enjoyable, beautiful experience.

Unfortunately something happened after man came to exist on earth, that lowered the atmospheric orgone energy  to a level just above the minimum level  required to sustain life.  Under this new reality, during the orgasm,  as the body's orgone energy levels first rises sky high and then suddenly drops, as it approaches the  normal body orgone energy level, it will also be approaching both the atmospheric orgone energy level and the minimum body orgone energy level required to sustain life. Thus the life preserving system within the organism would sound the alarm, warning the body that it is approaching a dangerous low level of orgone energy.  At a conscious level this alarm will be felt as [orgasm] anxiety.

Facing this anxiety, the body instinctively will lower and/or stop its irradiation of orgone energy and the level of orgone in the body will not go below the atmospheric level, hovering around the body normal level. Under this condition one may have partial/incomplete orgasms with release of body fluids, etc,  but will not reach extasis or release the extra orgone energy generated during the excitation phase of the sexual cycle. This extra orgone generated during the excitation phase, will get stale in the body, and the body will try to trap and isolated it thru psychic traumas, muscular spams and the formation of spurious pre- celullar formations whose only purpose would be to trap the strenuous, pent up energy.

This pent up energy, at the  psychological level will generate a rigid character that would react violent any time we try to relax or flexibilize it. At the physical level it will generate muscular spams that will combine to form a muscular armor that will limit and prevent the normal flow of blood, energy and nutrients thru the body.  At the cellular level it will  form agglomerations of  pre-celullar formations filled with negative, destructive energy.

The psychoanalytic technique of Character analysis may help to flexibilize the character removing the mental traumas that block the free flow of emotions. The technique of orgone psychotherapy may help to identify and soften the muscular spams, that constitute the muscular armour, and proper diet and energy sessions in  a high energy orgone accumulator may help to remove from the body the pre-cellular  formations charged with negative, stale, energy.  Yet all this has to be done under the supervisions of qualified professionals, for if too much energy  bound in character traumas, or muscular spams is liberated at once and/or negatively charged pre cells formations  are dissolve at once the organism may become saturated and poison by them.

But provided this is done under professional supervision, after a period of time that may go from weeks to years, the character armour, the muscular spams, and the negative energy pinned up  in destructive pre-cells formations could be eliminated, and  for a while the body will experience better, natural orgasms...

Yet the situation will not be back to how it was at the beginning, for  the atmospheric orgone energy level will still be lower than what it was at the beginning. And as the now functional, clean and healthy body goes thru the orgasm cycle, as soon as the orgone energy level drops from its highest level, and approaches the normal level, it will also approach the atmospheric and the minimum orgone energy level needed to sustained life.  Once again the life preserving system will sound the alarm and a full, anxiety free, climax will be prevented.  For a while and while the character armour and muscular armour is being dissolve, large amounts of energy will liberated causing strong orgonotic currents  throughout the body that may be felt as pleasure or pain, depending on the specific conditions of its release. Strong emotions being liberated, there is the possibility of strong orgasms being experience.

But as the cleansing and healing of the body is completed, the anxiety caused by the low atmospheric orgone energy level will reassert itself, and the couple engaging in sex, will have to learn to flow in harmony during the sexual act to minimize anxiety and reach a harmonious free flow of orgone energy during the climax of the sexual act, hopefully reaching the extasis and full release of the extra orgone energy generated during the exitation face of the sexual act. Unless both partners work at it, eventually anxiety will probably win out.

Thus we needs additional steps to ensure that orgasm anxiety will not return and the muscular armour will not restore itself. The root cause of orgasm anxiety is not within, but without the body. It is in the environment, in the low environmental, atmospheric orgone energy level. To prevent orgasm anxiety we need to create an environment with a much higher orgone energy level to function in. A level similar to the original atmospheric orgone energy level.

 The event that cause the original reduction in the Earth's orgone energy level was a change in the orbit of the moon. Originally the Moon was an independent planet, orbiting the Sun between Mars and Earth, quite close to the Earth, with a similar orbit,  but not circling around The Earth as it does now. Then a smart ass, of a previous civilization here on Earth, started experimenting with the Moon, an accident occurred and  the Moon was trapped by the Earth gravitational field.  As a consequence of this accident the Earth's orgone energy field expanded too much, ruptured and lost a large part of its energy.  Anyhow, the Earth's Orgone energy field has been recovering and will eventually push the Moon back to her original place.  Then the Earth's orgone energy field will be free to grow back to its original size, shape and strength. This process will have strong effects upon the atmosphere and the surface of the Earth, transforming the whole ecosystem in a substantial way.

Facing this eventual transformation of the planet, earthlings, especially the ruling species, the homo sapiens, sapiens, can do one of two things, (1) you can seek to learn everything you can about this transformation; and flow with it or (2) ignore it till it is too late; and face extinction.  If you choose number two, from our cosmic point of view you will just be replaced by another self conscious intelligent species that will emerge, develop and grow to fill the planet. It is your collective choice, not ours. The transformation itself may start at any moment and would last from a few years to a few centuries to be completed. The sign that it is started will be a visible and sudden change in the orbit of the Moon, accompany perhaps with an  explosion: The Prophetic Moon event, that may happen at any moment, perhaps around 2028, plus or minus three years.

Meanwhile, if you want to overcome orgasm anxiety and live a longer, better and more productive life, you better keep reading and start learning. To create an environment with a  higher orgone energy density field is relatively easy. Just use orgone energy accumulators, but low density ones, so that you may stay inside them permanently.  The orgone energy accumulators designed and use by Wilhelm Reich back in the fifties were  for research and healing. Thus they had several active layers and the users would sit in them for just a few minutes every day. Longer than that and the body would be over charge with orgone energy and could faced dangerous consequences.

In your case, homo sapiens sapiens, the idea is to adapt the body to live permanently in a higher orgone energy environment. So the orgone energy accumulators should be low energy.  An orgone energy accumulator is basically a box with wood or organic matter on the outside and metal in the inside.  A box of wood, plywood, cardboard covered with sheet metal on the inside would do. In Reich's Orgone Accumulator he would use up to twenty wood/metal layers, to create as dense an orgone energy field as possible.  Of course that is dangerous.  As the Oranur experiment clearly demonstrated. Reich place a small amount of radioactive material inside a high charge orgone energy acumulator. The reaction was violent and altered the climate for months.   Just google oranur experiment to read the details.  It is a long well documented story. Of course we don't want to cause such a violent reaction. We just want to  slightly raise the orgone energy level inside the box, a big box,  thus creating an environment similar to the one humans beings, homo sapiens, sapiens came to live in, in the beginning.

For this you need two orgone energy accumulator boxes. One about 7 feet long, two feet wide, two feet high, plain wood, cardboard or plywood in the outside, covered with sheet metal on the inside.  This will constitute a simple one layer, low density orgone energy accumulator with a small door  to get in and out and probably a small window for air to come in and for you not to feel trapped in a coffin. Almost like a Dracula coffin, but for the living. Scary, isn't it? Just get in and sleep there, comfortably the whole night, or as long as your body needs to recharge itself. After a while just a few daily hours will be more than enough. Overnight the change in your organism will be small, but over a longer period of time of repeated use, the transformation will be evident, as your body adapt to a higher orgone energy environment.

 The other box would be a room size box, or a combination of room size boxes, [forming a house],  covered on their inner surface with sheet metal, where humans would live normal lives, including sexual intercourse, under a higher density orgone energy field. Initially only  use  the coffin size sleeping box, and adapt yourself to the new higher orgone energy environment, and then, once you are  sure that there are no negative effects, just move to your new room, or perhaps house size low density orgone energy acumulator living quarters.

But be careful, don't rush it, or you may end up overcharging your body and triggering all kinds of negative consequences.  For thousands of years the human body has been living in an orgone energy field lower than the one he was originally design to live in,  Because of this, some of our  physical organs  and some mental and psycho-spiritual potentialities are underdeveloped.  As a consequence inside our body we have viruses, negative energy vesicles and other micro organisms that were not originally expected to be there.  As we move to a higher orgone energy environment our bodies will change and much of our inner, microscopic flora and fauna, will die away and be removed from the body.  Thus as you start using your coffin size orgone energy accumulator,  a period for healing and renewal will follow. At times it may be painful, and if we rush it, it may be dangerous. So it is important to be patient, never to rush things. Wait to be ready to move forward.

 Once you have adapted to sleep inside a higher density orgone energy field, you may move to the high density orgone energy quarters, and once you adapt to living there,  then  you may go one step forward and actually  engage in sexual intercourse inside that higher density orgone energy quarters. There, during sexual climax, as your body orgone energy first rises to a higher level, and then drops below the level of its surrounding environmental orgone energy field, that field will still be much higher than the minimum orgone energy level your body needs to function properly, so there will be no alarms,  no orgasm anxiety and no repressed energy to cause the restoration of your former muscular, character armour. Much better, easier, relaxing, satisfying sex, without anxiety, and negative consequences. Of course, both persons engaging in sex inside the orgone energy quarters must go thru the whole process of adaptation.  Otherwise one will experience one thing, the other, perhaps something completely different, and dangerous.

This process of healing, change, adaptation, renewal, from the day you start sleeping  inside  an  orgone energy box, to the time you are comfortably having sex in the room size orgone energy accumulator,  will take time, perhaps a few weeks, perhaps a few months, perhaps a few years. Unfortunately for some, their bodies are too damaged, contaminated, sick and armored to be restored; and any attempt to fully restored them may result in physical death. Such is life. Sorry for that. That is why this process should be done under medical supervision, by a qualified orgone energy medical professional. I know none of them, but remember, I am a madman and this has been  written for your entertainment only.

You should not be thinking about building low density orgone energy boxes, nor about sleeping in them, or even worse living and having sex inside a room size orgone energy accumulator. Reich would have never recommend such a  thing. His orgone energy accumulators were design and build as high density orgone energy accumulators for research and medical experimental use. The Oranur experiment and its aftermath learned him on how dangerous this units could be. Only a madman would think about using them as sleep-in coffins, or libido enhancer rooms. Reich might have been considered crazy by some, but he never walk  down the lunatic aisle their imagination took them.

He was a serious scientist doing serious scientific research. I am the madman, interpreting what he did from my own point of view. Don't follow me, neither my advice. Anyhow, now you know what Wilhelm Reich was afraid to understand and vehemently denied. In Orgonomy, the main function of the Orgone Energy Accumulator is to act as a libido purifier and  enhancer, the final step to eliminate [and prevent] orgasm anxiety and make the, softening and flexibilizing the character armour in a permanent basis.

Of course  you should't want to believe any of this.  Take this writing as the ravings of a madman, written  for your personal and collective entertainment.  But if you insist in copying my madness  you will have to face the consequences of your own madness as I have always faced the consequences of mine.

But going back now to finish my writing there,  in my own madness, now you know the real environmental cause of the orgasm anxiety and mental depravity mankind suffers from. You also know a simple temporary solution for it. Eventually  the Moon will move back to its original orbit, the Earth's Orgone energy field will raise to its original level, and earth will once again become the paradise it once was.  Till then, this madman will be here, reincarnating as necessary, and flashing now and then a bit of light into mankind intellectual darkness. Hope it helps. Sorry for moving the Moon out of its original place,  though; I told them it was a huge mistake, but shatana, all of them acting like one, would not believe me. Sorry.

The Sexual Function of the Orgone Energy

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Did Isha died on the Cross?

Death is a process that is completed when the body disintegrates and becomes dust. In the case of Jesus, ISHA in Aramaic,  the death process was started the same night he was arrested.  The beatings he got that night would have eventually killed a normal human being.  That day he was beaten several times, flagellated, crown with spines etc. etc. etc. culminating with his Crucifixion.  At the crucial moment his spirit left the body and went to the sheol, to preach to those incarcerated there.... his body was lowered from the cross and place in a sepulcher.  Yet something different happened there.  Death means that the spiritual body leaves the physical body and the last remaining connection between them is cut, causing the physical body to disintegrate.  In the case of Isha even when his spiritual body left the physical body and went to the place of the dead to preach there, the connection between the spiritual body and the physical body was not cut, so the process of decomposition was not started, his physical body saw no corruption, as was prophesied.  Three days and three nights latter his spiritual body returned to the physical body, they were reunited.  So in the case of Isha the process of death was started with the unmerciful beatings he got the night before but was not completed.

Jesus resurrected just like Lazarus resurrected, not with a new and transformed spiritual body, as Paul would have believed, but by the reunification of his spiritual and his physical body. Jesus died on Wednesday, about three p.m. was buried before six pm.  72 hours later, on Saturday evening, between 3 and six pm, he returned to his physical body, and on Sunday Morning manifested himself to his disciples.  Remember that even before he was crucified his physical body was different from ours, he could do things we cannot do.  No need, therefore to have a new and glorified body to enter a closed down room or perform any other miraccle  tafter resurrection.  He had been doing that since he was a child.  After returning from sheol, Isha lived among his followers for 40 days and then ascended into heaven, not with a new and glorified body, but with the same body he had since he was born from Maryam.

The twelve understood very little of this, but his secret disciples understood and had prepared the Tomb where his body was taken care off, while his spirit was in sheol, preaching to the incarcerated spirits there.

So in a way Isha did die on the Cross, and in a way he did not died... is just a matter of interpretation. The important thing is that he did went thru the process of crucifixion and resurrection and some 40 days latter returned to heaven to continue with the ministry he had before incarnating.  Before incarnating he was MarYAH, in hebrew YHVH, the son of Alahah, The eternal one.  As YHVH-MarYAH he is the intermediary between EL/ALAHAH, the invisible one, and the creation. MarYAH is second only to Alahah, in heaven,  and share one same divine esence with Alahah.

Now the Unity of the Divine must not be understood separated from and above the creation as the human editors of the Koran interpreted, corrupting the text.  The creation in itself is a divine manifestation. Even physical matter is a manifestation of God, everything is in God, and out of God there is nothing.  God is everything and out of God there is nothing. but in his perfect will HE has formed out of his own essence everything that exists. Isha is the personal connection between the source and ultimate reality of everything, Alahah, and everything created.  So in that sense Isha is divine and above every thing and anyone created, he was before everything that was created.  He is above everything that has been created.

If Mohammad was a prophet, then the Koran has been  corrupted to deny the Divinity of Isha, or his words must be carefully interpreted in a very specific and limited way.  The ministry of Mohammad ended when he slept at death. The ministry of Isha, back in heaven, as MarYAH the intermediary between Alahah and creation, continues. And yet, since MarYAH incarnated and was born as a human being, he is now exercising that Ministry thru his human body, the same one he had when he was here on earth. The Ancient of ages Daniel the prophet saw in his prophetic visions, and the Ancient who has in his hand the scroll sealed with seven seals in Revelation 5 is one and the same person, ISHA, MarYAH incarnated, sitting on the throne in heaven, as the right hand of Alahah, the Divine-Spiritual Father of all creation.

Please note that when I say ISHA, MarYAH and Alahah, I am making reference to those names in the Aramaic Bible, not Hebrew or Arabic names.

 Blessed forever be Thomas, the disciple,  that saw and understood the divinity of Isha after resurrection while taking notice of the physical, not glorified or spiritual body, into which he has returned. That is why he called him ISHA MarYAH Alahih, Jesus Mi Señor y mi Dios!l or better still, ISHA my Lord in GOD!  When Isha raises from his heavenly throne to manifest himself to the Entire Creation as he sets his feet upon the Mount of Olives,  at his second coming, the whole universe will understand and voluntarily bow down in recognition of his love toward all. Praise Alahah, Praise MarYAH, Praise the Divine Presence, the Shekinah of Alahah among us, for that. Amen.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

2028 plus or minus three years

2028 plus or minus 3 years: the lunar event gets started; no more than 20 years of radical change on our planet and cosmic system. 2030 to 2060, the end of an era morphing into the beginning of a new one. The better we understand what will happen and the players that will try to take advantage of it, the more people will survive, and the better they will be prepared for the new civilization they will have to built. Isha [Yeshua, Iesus, Isa, Jesus; same name different language]] will indeed return and a large number of people will move to a higher sphere of consciousness, together with him. The Abrahamic monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in their many sectarian and syncretic manifestations, will all be proven wrong in many of their doctrines, teachings, theology and understanding of vital spiritual truth, and yet they will be reaffirm and blend into a higher religious understanding, not for those that will rise and awaken to a higher level of existence, but for those who will stay at this physical level, and their descendants, that will repopulate this earth, at the physical level where we now live.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

To stand tall for truth

Last night my many ego's were in convention. Trying to decide what I should do... next.

 The time is short, one of me said. Just a decade before everything changes, mankind resets and humankind starts all over again. Not quite like that another ego responded.  Just the beginning of the end. Man is resilient, hard headed and dumb, they will just regroup and keep fouling themselves.

Yet, we have little time, and must focus on just one thing. For good or bad, stop and focus, focus, focus, focc.... Stop that  focus bull,  another ego interjected, this is not  Puerto Rican wrestling; Miguelito Perez is not there anymore and the IWA has been history for quite a while...

OK, then, think about it. What should we do? With just ten years to go?

Just be ourselves!

But what we are, who we are, where we come from and where are we going.

Nobody needs to know that.

Except us.

And we already do.


And then!??

Wake up.  and get back to work, you damned fools. A voice resounded from heavens....


Good Morning. The Madman Prophet speaking. My egos are resting now. Tonight they may quarrel again. Meanwhile; What a beautiful day to be alive, to smile, to laugh, to dream, to be kind to one another, to stand tall for truth.

Hi Madman, still preaching the same bullshit, would you ever stop?

Perhaps one day, like then years from now, [about 2028, plus or minus 3] we will.....

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Madman Prophet Natal Chart and its Interpretation

This Madman Prophet has incarnated several times into this world.  The earliest one was as a Neanderthal, a long, long time ago. His astral body still reflects  his Neanderthal origins.  The present incarnation  was on February 18, 1960, in Ponce, PR at 11:55, noon. With this data an Astrologer may  cast the Natal Chart, and a good professional reading of that  chart may reveal why I am a prophet, how I became Mad, what makes me tick, and what my life agenda may be.  Remember I did choose when and where I was going to be born: I did choose my natal chart.  It truly reflects who I am.  Crazy enough to do that. Here is the chart.

The Madman Prophet Natal Chart. Read it if you can!

To get it interpreted for free, you may visit any of many online sites, for example,,   enter the birth data [Date:  February 18, 1960, Time: 11:55 am, and Place:  Ponce, PR] and request a free  birth chart and its computer generated interpretation.    Would you do it?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Premoniciones; sembrando buenas semillas, aunque sea en el desierto

Siempre he tenido el don de premonicionar; ver sentir, percibir el futuro. Especialmente cuando se trata de desastres, y si son propios, mucho peor. Ultimamente tengo sentimientos premonicionales muy propios; pero mejor no los expreso, pa que no se hagan realidad. Mejor me canto feliz, que este mes cumpli años. Mi mente tiene la mitad de los que cumpli, espero llegar al doble de los que tengo. Y a pesar de todo, sigo estando contento, cargando mi propia agenda; Tikum Olam, sembrando buenas semillas, aunque sea en el desierto.